About Us

Traditional Turkish Flavors, Reborn in Dubai

We invite you to a palate feast by bringing together Turkish flavors in the glamorous geography of Dubai.

"Turkish Flavors' New Address in Dubai: Turquaz Gourmet"

About Us

Turquaz Gourmet opens the door to Turkish cuisine in Dubai's breathtaking skyline, bringing the most unique flavors of Turkish cuisine to Dubai! We offer a wide range of fresh and diverse products from Turkey's most beloved and iconic brands.

Turquaz Gourmet brings the traditional Turkish flavors to your tables in Dubai, carefully selected from every corner of Turkey. With a wide range of products including Turkish breakfast culture, fresh fruits and vegetables, bakery products, and snacks, we present the diversity and richness of Turkish cuisine.

With our quality and delicious products, our aim at Turquaz Gourmet is to bring the unique flavors of Turkish cuisine to everyone in Dubai and to represent Turkish food culture in the best possible way. We invite you to embark on a journey full of flavors with us.

Turquaz Gourmet is ready to become the new center of Turkish cuisine in Dubai. We await you to discover our world filled with the most beloved Turkish brands